About Timothy Morgan

I have spent the last 7+ years assisting people and businesses with their IT needs. Over the years I have grown from a simple installer technician to a network administrator, managing a network spanning 5 counties covering over 2000 square miles.

Throughout my experience, I have always had a customer-facing role where I get to listen to the needs of the customer and find a viable solution for them. This ranges from internet needs to VoIP phone and even server administration. This is the knowledge I would be able to bring to the table for any company I work for.

My greatest skill is listening to problems and working towards a solution for that problem. With my natural troubleshooting abilities and extensive IT experience, I believe I would make a great addition to any team.

Guiding Values

To Consider Worthy of High Regard

Don't look for a reason to respect or not respect someone. Everyone should be respected.




The Quality or State of being Complete or Undivided

Be principled and stick to it. A double minded man is unstable.

Cooperative Effort to Reach a Common Goal