Work History

As a passionate network professional, I have had the privilege of honing my skills over the course of 7+ years, working on a dynamic production network that spans across 5 counties and covers over 2000 square miles. My dedication lies in providing top-notch network support and seeing each challenge through to a complete and satisfying resolution. What sets me apart is my ability to foster positive and empathetic communication, even in the face of demanding situations.

My journey has been driven by a deep-rooted passion for technology, and I take immense pride in my technical know-how. Yet, it's my friendly and approachable demeanor that allows me to connect with others effortlessly, making the network experience truly delightful for everyone involved. The thrill of leveraging my expertise and forming meaningful connections with people is what fuels my enthusiasm each day.

Isotech-Inc | Kearney, MO (Remote)

Duties: Monitor the health of the network and always look for options for improvement - Keep up to date on the latest technologies in the IT field - Plan out and lead network upgrades and new tower deployments – Harden network security and train employees on security best practices.

Accomplishments: Planned, programmed, and deployed upgrades to remote tower sites to increase capacity, building in redundancy using RSTP, MSTP, VLANs, and EtherChannel.

Set up monitoring utilizing SNMP and Syslog to observe and understand potential issues within our network and systems. This was set up within a virtual environment using Hyper-V.

Planned and deployed a wireless system for a large construction firm under a multi-year contract. This project included setting up a 50’ tower, creating a wireless link to a tower 3 miles away, and setting up the firewall and access points along with a battery backup. 

September 2021 - Present

Network Administrator/Lead Helpdesk Technician

blue UTP cord
blue UTP cord

Isotech-Inc | Kearney, MO (Remote)

Duties: Review escalated tickets and work together in their resolution – Create tickets and schedule maintenance – Assist onsite technicians with installation and programming of customer premise equipment – Monitor network and perform root cause analysis on problem areas.

Accomplishments: Collaborated with a team of five people to launch a new service in a specific region. This has resulted in multiple new accounts.

Worked with two other representatives to strategically discontinue an obsolete service. We were able to perform this with good responses from the customers affected.

August 2018 - September 2021

Lead Helpdesk Technician

gray metal framed chalkboard with whatever it takes written
gray metal framed chalkboard with whatever it takes written

Isotech-Inc | Trimble, MO

Duties: Manage and train installer technicians with wireless and ethernet products - Maintain and manage vehicle fleet - Plan out tower projects - Research and implement safety awareness - Support customers in person or over the phone when needed.

Accomplishments: Designed a new installation procedure to increase conversion rate and improve customer retention

June 2016 - August 2018

Wireless Operations Lead

Isotech-Inc | Trimble, MO

Duties: Install equipment on customer premises to provide high-speed wireless service - Perform maintenance and troubleshooting to find and fix problems for current customers.

Accomplishments: I was set up as a Lead Technician after less than a month on the job.

September 2015 – June 2016

Installer Technician

Pine Bluff Cable | Pine Bluff, AR

Duties: Install cable, internet, and phone service on customer premise - Verify equipment is working properly and assure customer satisfaction - Perform service calls to verify and fix any issues with our service for the customers - Train new employees as installers - Perform tasks delegated by supervisor.

Accomplishments: I began training new technicians after just 3 months on the job.

December 2014 - September 2015

Cable Installer

Baker Services | Pine Bluff, AR

Duties: Safely drive vehicles around high-traffic areas to read meters - Walk many miles in the cold or heat to read meters - Keep an eye open for failing meters and report them to the supervisor.

June 2014 - September 2014

Meter Technician

a row of water pumps sitting next to each other
a row of water pumps sitting next to each other